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Welcome to the Fungi of Iowa Website

The purpose of this site is to facilitate the study of fungal diversity in Iowa. Our hope is that it will be helpful to people who are interested in learning more about the fungi they see in the natural environment, and useful to professionals who are interested in the distribution of macrofungi.

Identifications are based on keys that are available in published journals and books, and these are listed in the reference section of the website. In most cases, voucher specimens for the images in the species pages are accessioned into the Ada Hayden Herbarium. We welcome the opinions of experts to verify or correct any identifications.
Please send corrections, comments and questions to Rosanne Healy
To request voucher specimens, please contact Deborah Lewis
All images are from Iowa collections.

The Fungi of Iowa Website is made up of a database of fungi collected in Iowa, species pages accessed through "Scientific Name Index" or "Common Name Index" that have images with descriptions, and an interactive key designed for use by the public. The key includes microscopic features, but knowledge of these features is optional for many of the species.

The database was constructed from fungal surveys, published papers, theses and dissertations. To alphabetize a listing, simply click on the column title. For example, in "Fungi Database Basic Search" if you leave blank "What do you want to search?" and click "a. show me a list of species only," a list of all species in the database will come up. By clicking on "Species List" at the top of the page, the species will be sorted alphabetically.

Photographers are acknowledged on their photographs. If you would like to use any of these photographs, please contact the photographer for permission.


Rosanne Healy, Mycologist, database records, photographer
Lois Tiffany, Mycologist, distinguished professor emeritus
Lynn Clark, Director of Ada Hayden Herbarium
Deborah Lewis, Curator of Ada Hayden Herbarium
Melinda Witherow
Christopher Tyrrell, Database & website programmer
Phyllis Shimon, Artist
Anna Gardner, Artist

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