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Fungi–common names

note: more images and descriptions will be added as they are done

Acorn cup fungus
Adder's tongue; Goldenthread Cordyceps
Admirable Pluteus; Yellow Pluteus
Amanita mold
American slippery jack; White pine bolete
Anise-scented Clitocybe
Apricot milk cap
Artist's conk
Ash rust
Ash tree bolete
Aspen bolete
Bay-brown polypore
Bear Lentinus
Birch polypore
Black Helvella
Black jelly oyster
Black knot of cherry
Black witch's butter
Black witch's butter
Black-footed Marasmius
Blackfoot polypore
Bladder fungus
Bleeding Mycena; Bleeding fairy helmet
Blue Mycena
Brown blusher
Brown crep
Brown false morel; Elephant ear; rooster's comb
Brown-haired white cup
Cannon fungus
Cedar-apple rust
Cep; Porcini;King bolete
ceramic fungus
Chestnut bolete
Club-like tuning fork
Club-shaped stinkhorn
Clustered coral; Pink-tipped coral
Clustered spiny puffball; Curtis's puffball
Comb tooth
Common bird's nest; White-egg bird's nest
Common elfin saddle
Common Laccaria; Deceiver
Common Psathyrella
Conic waxycap; Witch's hat
Copper penny
Coral spot fungus
Coral spring Mycena
Cottage cheese fungus
Cracked-cap Agrocybe
Crested Lepiota
Crimped gill
Crimson cup; Scarlet cup
Crown rust
Crown-tipped coral
Dead man's fingers
Deadly Galerina
Destroying angel
Destroying angel
Devil's urn
Devil's urn
Dog stinkhorn
Dung loving bird's nest
Earth blade fiber head
Earth star
Earth star
Earth tongue
Elegant stinkhorn
Elm Oyster
eyelash cup
Eyelash cup
Fairy stool; Shiny cinnamon polypore
False coral fungus
Fan-shaped jelly fungus
Fire cap Marasmius
Fluted white Helvella; White elfin saddle
Fly agaric
Fringed Tubaria
Gem-studded Amanita
Giant puffball
Gilled bolete
Golden coral
Golden Pholiota; Golden scalecap
Golden Scleroderma; Pigskin poison puffball
Granulated slippery jack
Gray Coral
Green quilt Russula
Green-gilled Lepiota; Green-spored parasol
Hairy rubber cup
Half-free morel
Harefoot mushroom
Hen of the woods; Sheep's head
Honey mushroom
Honey mushroom
Horn of plenty; trumpet of death
Horse mushroom
Indigo Lactarius
inky cap
inky cap
Inky cap
Inky cap
Inky cap
Inky cap
inky cap; tippler's bane
Jack-in-the-pulpit rust
Jack-o-lantern mushroom
Japanese parasol
Japanese parasol; Japanese umbrella inky
Jelly fungus
Kernel smut
Larch Suillus
Late fall polypore; Resinous polypore
Lemon drops; Yellow fairy cups
Little gray morel;White morel
Little nest polypore
Lobster mushroom
Luminescent Panellus; Bitter oyster
Mayapple rust
Meadow mushroom; Pink bottom
mica cap
Mica cap
Mica cap
Milk-white toothed polypore
Mossy maze polypore
Mustard-yellow polypore
Nested earth star
Netted Rhodotus
Old man of the woods
Onion-stalk Lepiota
Orange eyelash cup
Orange Mycena; Golden fairy helmet
Orange peel fungus
Oyster mushroom
Panther Amanita
Parasitic bolete
Parrot waxycap
Pear-shaped puffball
Pestle-shaped coral
Pine cone tooth fungus
Pinwheel Marasmius
Powder cap
Purple Laccaria
Purple-gilled Laccaria
Raspberry rust
Ravenel's stinkhorn
Red and yellow bolete; Two-colored bolete
Red-gilled Agaricus
Red-tinged Lepiota
Reddish brown bitter bolete
Ribbed-cap Pluteus
Rooted agaric; Deep root
Rooting polypore
Round Stropharia
Russula mold
Russula mold
Russula waxycap
Rust of dutchman's breeches
Rust of prickly ash
Rust on tall american bellflower
Rust on tall american bellflower
Saddle fungus
Saddle fungus
Scaly inky cap
Scaly inky cap
Shaggy mane; Lawyer's wig
Shaggy scarlet cup; pink fringed fairy cup
Short-stalked bolete
Split gill
Spreading cup; recurved brown cup
Spring beauty rust
Spring polypore
Stalked hairy fairy cup
Stalked scarlet cup
Straw-colored fiber head; Conic fiber head
Striate bird's nest
Sulfur shelf; Chicken of the woods
Sulfur shelf; Chicken of the woods
Sulfur shelf;Chicken of the woods
Sweet-bread mushroom
Tar spot of maple
Tender nesting polypore
Thin-maze flat polypore
Tippler's bane
Tippler's bane
Train wrecker
Tree ear; Wood ear
Turkey tail
Variable Russula
Veiled oyster mushroom
Veiled polypore
Velvet stem; Winter mushroom
Velvety Psathyrella; Weeping widow
Violet rust
Virginia waterleaf rust
Walnut Mycena
White coral jelly fungus
White jelly fungus
Winter polypore
Witch's butter
Wolf's milk slime
Wood mushroom
Worm-like coral
Yellow antler coral
Yellow margin false turkey tail
Yellow morel; Sponge mushroom
Yellow patches
Yellow sap cup; yellow staining brown cup
Yellow-centered waxycap
Yellow-stalked Pluteus
Zoned Crinipellis

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