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Examples of Mounted Herbarium Specimens

To see them enlarged, and to read the labels, click on the sheet you would like to see full-sized.

photo of herbarium sheet, Chusquea
Chusquea riosaltensis L.G. Clark  isotype collected in Brazil by L. Clark and M. Morel, 1992
Liatris aspera Michx. collected in Lee County, Iowa by Tom & Diane Lammers, 1977
Polypodium virginianum L. collected by C.E. Bessey in Boone County, Iowa, 1871
Prunus virginiana L. collected in Story County, Iowa by George W. Carver, 1894 or 1895
Gossypium herbaceum L. collected in the Bessey Hall Greenhouse by J.F. Wendel and T.D. Couch, 1988.
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